Juan J. Molina

Juan J. Molina
Juan J. Molina

lunes, 27 de febrero de 2012


Although some don't know it, it not only democracy  is minority government's system if not that it is also fragile. Not to mention that democracy is not the panacea and it has in their own breast your deficiencies besides perfectly camouflaged enemies. I would like to speak in short of this last aspect, the camouflaged enemy.
The liberal democracies that are those that supposedly we have in the free wold,  they only have an ideology that really defends them, as their own qualifying adjective it indicates, this ideology is the liberalism. So alone from the strictest respect to the laws, better or worse, and from the individual freedom or of minority groups it can understand a political system that is based on the defense of the human rights and freedom.
So much the conservatives or groups of right that struggle to conserve their economic privileges or power positios or from the left that puts above the rights and  the individual freedom a “porpose” common to the one everybody should adhere for the good ones or for the bad ones, the democracy is beaten without blush by both sides. For that reason, we see how every day depending on the matter in question, wether it is a judicial sentence or a new law, supporters of one or another side to protest against the other ones specting to have the reason and attacking without shame even to the own institutions of the state as the Justice.
We adopt the democracy like a system of being alternated in the power without spilling of blood but the players of this game are altering the rules of the game irresponsibly, although they admit their defeat in the urns, then they are not able to wait their turn patiently and to try to win the game in the next hand, very on the contrary, they boycott rightfully in all the possible one the government's action elected and in the limit of the irresponsibility, they shake their partisans in the streets to coerce, when not to demolish, to those that democratically have the responsibility of governing.
This absurdity is a vicious circle that can take us to the one bigger of the disasters, so much the one that wins as the one that loses they leave to be simple political opponents and  become enemies, when the dirty game enters of full  the legal rules no longer work, to each nut turn the litigants become more twisted and they are more radical. It is not new, if to arrive democratically to the power is not enough guarantee to be able to govern in peace, the following step is to finish with  the enemy because otherwise he will be who will finish with you, every time the most scrupulous and with  higher humans values are discarded and separated by new less scrupulous leaders willing to do anithing in order  to get the proposed objective.
The dictatorships are gestated in this way, the revolutions and generally the biggest social disasters, to the scream of “the street is our” the freedom and the common sense and the own democracy are kicked without pity and the worst achieve the power.

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