Juan J. Molina

Juan J. Molina
Juan J. Molina

jueves, 31 de marzo de 2011


La debacle de los sistemas comunistas está llegando al ridículo, ahora en Cuba se han inventado una especie de concesión al trabajo por cuenta propia que permite llevar a cabo algunos oficios medievales después de, eso sí, sablear a los posibles interesados con impuestos inaguantables para una economía tan precaria como la de los cubanos, merece la pena leer el artículo:

viernes, 4 de marzo de 2011


DIOS LOS CRÍA Y Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua reject "foreign intervention" in Libya . ELLOS SE JUNTAN, DICTADORES UNIDOS JAMÁS SERÁN VENCIDOS

  • Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua reject "foreign intervention" in Libya

    Here we have an example of cooperating among the dictators around the world:
  • Cuba's Minister of Foreign Affairs argues about "voracity for oil" at the UN Human Rights Council in defense of Gadhafi's regime
  • Chavez says he won't condemn Gadhafi because he "has been my friend". Chavez argues that he has no "proof" of human rights violations
  • Nicaraguan President Ortega writes a letter of solidarity to Gadhafi
  • Death toll is above 6.000 and the International Criminal Court is launching an investigation
March 2 (DP.net).─ Bruno Eduardo Rodríguez Padilla (photo), Cuba's Minister of Foreign Affair, argued this Tuesday in favor of Libya's dictator, Muhammar Gadhafi in a lengthy speech before the UN Human Righst Concil, in Geneva.Canciller Bruno Eduardo Rodríguez
The Cuban Ministry's Portal outlines that "Cuba´s foreign policy adheres to the basic principles of the International Law", but Mr. Rodriguez Padilla's speech attempted to prove that "the Libyan people oppose any foreign military intervention, which would delay an agreement even further". He focused his concern on "the voracity for oil, not peace" and accused the media "to fan the flames". He placed fault only on "the rapacious policy imposed by the United States and its NATO allies in the region" and spent more than half of his time in arguments against the United States and NATO.
On his part, President Chavez stressed in a TV speech yesterday that "A campaign of lies is being spun together regarding Libya. I'm not going to condemn him (Gadhafi)," he said. "I'd be a coward to condemn someone who has been my friend." He also accused the US and European countries of "rubbing their hands together. Oil is what's important to them."
Nicaraguan President Ortega was more direct by sending a solidarity message to Colonel Gadhafi, expressing his unconditional support. "Nicaragua, my government the Sandinist National Liberation Front and our people are with you in these battles", he wrote.
Libyan demonstrators capture tankIn the meantime, the Libyan Human Rights League provided a shocking estimate of death toll as Gadhafi continues to battle anti-government demonstrators.
"Victims in the whole country were 6,000," League's spokeman Ali Zeidan told reporters in Paris, adding that this included 3,000 in the capital Tripoli, 2,000 in the rebel-held second city Benghazi and 1,000 in other cities.
"This is what people told us, but it can be more," he added.
In view of the genocide taking place in Libya, the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court says he is opening a formal investigation into crimes against humanity in Libya. Prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo has decided today to launch the investigation after a "preliminary examination of available information."